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New Control System For Heat Recovery Units

* Communication via MODBUS protocol over BMS.

* Control and access every parameters through screen. 

* Ability to drive the fan and aspirator in 5 different speed or auto.

* Ability to control EC fans, control valve or damper actuator proportionally via 4 analog outputs.

* Ability to control damper and valve actuator as on-off or floating, 5A electrical heater, DX coil and ability to give situation, alarm and warning light signals via 4 relay outputs.

* Ability to control carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, air quality or prossurization sensor via 0 - 10 V input.

* Ability to give ambient temperature, outside air temperature, filter pollution, fan operating status, open damper (permission to fan start), emergency alarm signals and ability to start/stop the unit remotely via 6 digital inputs.

 * Ability to start/stop the unit at different times for 7 days via unit controller.